17 August 2011

Count Characters in Excel

Sometimes it may be handy for you to count how many characters are in a specific cell within Excel.  I was asked this question last night and can confirm that it’s very easy to do.  Basically you’ll want to enter a short operator into the cell you wish the counted figure to go into and reference the cell you wish to count.

They say that a picture speaks a thousand words, and will certainly make this a lot clearer.  Have a look at the screenshot I took below!

11 August 2011

Printing comments in Excel 2007

I received a simple question recently, how to print comments in Excel 2007.  Very easy to do and it seems many people, including experienced users did not know this can easily be done.
  1. Set your comments to be shown, right click the cell and select Show/Hide Comments.
  2. From the Layout Tab, select Print Tiles.
  3. On the Sheet tab, set Comments to ‘As displayed on sheet‘.
  4. Job done!
Including a short video guide for good measure…