16 November 2015

Completely Disable OneDrive in Windows 10

I'm a real fan of Windows 10, I think Microsoft have done a great job. I've been supporting a number of local businesses transition from Windows 7 and they too have nothing but praise for the new system, even on older systems.

I also like OneDrive as a cloud storage solution however due to some bugs with older Microsoft Office files I prefer to use Google Drive. Unfortunately though Microsoft has embedded OneDrive pretty solid into Windows 10 and they don't offer a simple option to disable it.

15 November 2015

Schedule Network/Internet Access Sky Hub 2 (SR102)

Back in 2013 I created a post and video guide detailing how to schedule/block internet access for a specific device (Or devices) on your Sky Broadband wireless router. I was requested again by a follower to do the same for the newer Sky Hub (SR102).

The original post can be found by clicking here.

The process we go through for this is the same as before, we'll set a Static IP for the device you wish to restrict access to, then we'll set the schedule and enforce the firewall rule to make it work.


Note: As before it isn't possible to have multiple schedules for multiple devices.

  1. Start by accessing the Sky Hub control panel via your internet browser. The access address is and the username/password, if not changed from the default is admin/sky. If you are not prompted for these, you may be after the next step.

  2. Click the Advanced menu option followed by LAN IP Setup.

  3. Scroll down to the Address Reservation section and click the Add button.

  4. A list of devices connected to the Sky Hub will be shown - select the radio button next to the device you wish to control access for and then click Add at the bottom. Take a note of the IP Address. (It'll be 192.168.0.X)

  5. You will be notified the Sky Hub will reboot, agree to this and wait for the page to come back up. It takes a couple of minutes.

  6. Once back up, select Security followed by Schedule.

  7. On this screen you'll select the days and hours for the schedule to block access during. Note that the time is 24-Hour (Enter 3.30PM as 15 Hour, 30 Minute). You can also check the Sky Hub has the correct time/day at the bottom - once done click Apply.

  8. Head now to Security followed by Firewall Rules.

  9. Beneath the Outbound Services click the Add button.

  10. Change the service option to Any(ALL) and the action to BLOCK by schedule.

  11. LAN Users should be changed to Single Address - enter the address noted for your device in Step 4.

  12. Click Apply to add the Firewall Rule.

  13. Click Apply again to save the Firewall Rules Changes.

This is all that is required, my previous guide was very successful and popular in the Sky community, it is unfortunate that Sky themselves don't provide guidance.

A video guide has been provided below.