26 September 2016

Control your PS4 with your TV Remote

One of the great things about the PlayStation 4 isn't that it's a great gaming console (Which it is!) but that it's also an outstanding media player, in a number of areas including but not limited to Blu-Ray, DVD, Netflix, Etc.

This was also the case with the PS3 however Sony offered a Blu Ray Remote Control as an accessory which made the experience all the better, sadly they haven't done the same with the PS4 but I have good news for you - Sony have gone one better and made the option extra redundant but don't really advertise it. Let's take a look at how we set this up!

9 September 2016

Hisense H55M3300 4K HDR LCD TV Review

Update 21st August 2017 - I've almost had this TV for a full year and will soon be writing a follow up review.

Earlier on this week I started looking for a new TV for our bedroom, unfortunately despite the LG 24″ one we have being LED and 1080p it only has a single HDMI connection on the rear which is a pain in the neck when switching from the PVR to the Amazon Fire Stick.

I started looking at another TV and Hisense caught my eye – after doing a lot of research on Hisense TV’s I became interested and decided that rather than getting a Hisense for the bedroom I’ll relegate our current TV in the living room (49″ LG 1080p LCD) to the bedroom and buy the 2016 Hisense 55″ for the living room… and I’m glad I did!