19 December 2017

How to enable cheats in RetroPie

Sometimes I need to accept that there are some games I've simply got worse at over the years and feel the itch to enable a cheat, but how do we do that on our retro console? Luckily, it's made very easy for us. Using this guide, in a matter of minutes we'll download all cheat codes for all games and consoles and cover how we select those we want to enable.

11 December 2017

Build your own Retro Console using a Raspberry Pi

There are a number of online vendors selling a "Retro Console" and for the price it looks like you get a lot for your money. The going rate here in the UK seems to be around £100 to £120 and the description usually offers a very vague claim that it includes thousands of games from various retro video game consoles. In this post I'll confirm what it is that you are paying for and then go onto how you can build your own higher quality item for half the cost.