8 February 2018

Kindle Paperwhite Leather Case Review

I had the official Amazon leather case for my original 2010 Kindle and was surprisingly impressed with the quality and the feel of the case. I travelled with this case around the world on various flights and not only did the Kindle still look great when I retired it - the case did too.

7 February 2018

Easterntimes Tech T7 / VicTsing 7200DPI Gaming Mouse Review

First I want to make clear I think as far as value for money goes, you'll struggle to beat this! The mouse is manufactured by "Easterntimes Tech" and is branded as such on the bottom in addition to a T7 logo but often comes under other names, currently "VicTsing 7200DPI on Amazon and TOMOKO on some other sites. It comes in a pretty cheap plain cardboard box but then I appreciate savings in this area - given the option would consumers pay extra for a nice box? I wouldn't.

6 February 2018

Drevo Tyrfing V2 RGB Mechanical Keyboard Review

Update 08 September 2018 - At a little over six months old this keyboard showed some paint wearing on the keycaps prematurely which was very disappointing. As I was writing a message of complaint to the Drevo support mailbox the keyboard stopped working altogether. I tried it on two different computers - dead. I sent the keyboard away for repair (At my cost) and after a period of time I was provided with a full refund. Despite my initial great reaction to this keyboard as detailed below, I can no longer recommend it.