28 January 2019

Sonoff Basic Review

These smart switches aren't new, but I've recently kitted my house out with a few of them and think that others would benefit from this post.

What is the Sonoff Basic? It's a wireless smart switch, much like the ones that plug into the mains however these are a lot cheaper at the cost of a little more effort to implement. Here in the UK these can be had for less than £5, maybe even less than £4 if you shop about or bulk buy.

1 January 2019

Using a Sonoff Smart Switch with Virgin Media Superhub or Sky Q

If you are looking to take your first steps in Home Automation you may be looking at Smart Switches which allow you to toggle power to electronic devices from your smart phone or smart speaker. There are many options available and until now I've been using TP Link WiFi Plugs which work great, but at £25 a pop it quickly adds up.