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I’m importing a car from Japan

Introduction Each year thousands of people are exporting/importing exotic cars between various countries, I’ve always fancied owning a Honda Integra Type R (DC5) which were never sold natively in the UK but knew little about the process and costs involved. People do import them here to simply sell on with

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Beeline Velo 2 – Initial Impressions

Beeline is a small company based here in the UK that have created devices to make navigation easy whilst cycling or riding a motorcycle. A colleague of mines purchased the Beeline Moto and said good things about it, they also offered a Velo for cycling. Last week (7th June 2022)

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Alienware M15 R5 SSD Bracket

Overview So earlier on this week I took delivery of a new Alienware M15 R5 laptop, it’s the first Alienware laptop with an AMD Ryzen processor and this peaked my interest. Like most gaming laptops, it comes with two PCIe M.2 slots for adding additional storage. Upon delivery I opened

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Fitting VW RCD330Plus to Seat Leon MK2

This guide walks through the process of fitting a VW RCD330 Plus to the Seat Leon MK2. The reason I picked this radio is that it’s a direct (Almost – keep reading) fit to the MK2 Leon. It uses the existing wiring, illumination matches the original in the car and

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Enable Enhanced Bluetooth on BMW F20 & F21

Introduction First point to note, this post is aimed at F20/F21 owners as that is what I have completed the procedure in – this is also possible on the F22 (2-Series) and F30 (3-Series). My understanding is this, when ordering the EBT package with your car (Approx £400) it’s fitted

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Quickly Convert Accented Characters in Excel

A number of years ago I uploaded a short video on YouTube that shares a VBA script that can quickly convert accented characters within Excel cells into “normal” characters. I used this for a data migration project, maybe you’ll benefit from it also? Within your Excel document hold Alt and press F11. Select Insert > Module.

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