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Fitting VW RCD330Plus to Seat Leon MK2

This guide walks through the process of fitting a VW RCD330 Plus to the Seat Leon MK2. The reason I picked this radio is that it’s a direct (Almost – keep reading) fit to the MK2 Leon. It uses the existing wiring, illumination matches the original in the car and

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Enable Enhanced Bluetooth on BMW F20 & F21

Introduction First point to note, this post is aimed at F20/F21 owners as that is what I have completed the procedure in – this is also possible on the F22 (2-Series) and F30 (3-Series). My understanding is this, when ordering the EBT package with your car (Approx £400) it’s fitted

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Quickly Convert Accented Characters in Excel

A number of years ago I uploaded a short video on YouTube that shares a VBA script that can quickly convert accented characters within Excel cells into “normal” characters. I used this for a data migration project, maybe you’ll benefit from it also? Within your Excel document hold Alt and press F11. Select Insert > Module.

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