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Looking to join Octopus Energy in the UK?

Before reading through the rest of this page, did you come here to join Octopus? If yes, click on the link below and sign up. Some key facts below the link!

  • The signup process takes less than five minutes.
  • Octopus may not always be the cheapest, but are always very competitive.
  • We will both receive ยฃ50 credit for the referral!
  • You are not tied into a contract and can switch at any time.
  • Octopus customer service, innovation and infrastructure is outstanding.

Customer Service

If you do a little of your own research around the best energy companies over the last few years, you’ll see that Octopus consistently rank highly, if not the highest in all surveys. I’ll share some more of my experience below but if you wish you can click the link below and read more from Which?.

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My Experience with Octopus Energy

We moved into our new build home in 2020. The house came with solar panels and the latest generation of smart meters so we had expectations of having good knowledge of our energy use. Unfortunately this didn’t work out with the supplier we provided when we moved in and we switched to another supplier, this other supplier really struggled to resolve these issues for us also.

Why did we switch to Octopus? Four reasons;

  • I hoped to leverage their high reputation for customer service to resolve our smart meter issues.
  • Octopus could offer us money back for exported energy through our solar panels.
  • Octopus offer some tarrifs that are attractive to EV owners, we plan to buy an EV in the near future.
  • Octopus also offer an API for extracting usage data and doing your own usage analysis.

It took a little over one year but I’m pleased to report that I’ve no regrets switching to Octopus. Our smart meter issues were fully resolved, we are receiving 15p per kWh of exported energy and have leveraged the API for data analysis.

Octopus Home Mini
Octopus Home Mini

The only issue I was never able to get resolved with Octopus was with the IHD, however they sent me the Home Mini (Zigbee) device which allows me to view real-time energy usage via the mobile app.