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Quickly Convert Accented Characters in Excel

A few years ago I had a situation where I had to convert hundreds of Excel cells containing accented characters to ‘normal’ characters. This guide demonstrates how to do that. Example - Jiří Krpálek to Jiri Krpalek.
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Fitting VW RCD330Plus to Seat Leon MK2

This guide walks through the process of fitting a VW RCD330 Plus to the Seat Leon MK2. The reason I picked this radio is that it’s a direct (Almost - keep reading) fit to the MK2 Leon. It uses the existing wiring, illumination matches the original in the car and the steering wheel controls will work too. Note that this applies to my 2012 Facelift Leon 1P, I believe the pre-facelift models (2005 - 2009) may be a little different.
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Update driving license address with DVLA for a new build

Have you recently moved to a new build house and can’t find your address on the DVLA website to update your address? This covers a workaround.
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Enable Enhanced Bluetooth on BMW F20 & F21

A few years ago (2014) I wrote a guide explaining how to manually enable the Enhanced Bluetooth Option on select BMW 1-Series cars. This is that guide for anyone who still requires it.
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Alienware M15 R5 SSD Bracket

Alienware (Dell) finally released a laptop with an AMD Ryzen CPU. I picked one up and when fitting a secondary nVME SSD I noticed something was missing. This post will be useful for others buying this laptop.
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