So earlier on this week I took delivery of a new Alienware M15 R5 laptop, it’s the first Alienware laptop with an AMD Ryzen processor and this peaked my interest. Like most gaming laptops, it comes with two PCIe M.2 slots for adding additional storage.

Upon delivery I opened the laptop and was surprised to see that whilst there was a vacant M.2 slot for the additional storage the laptop didn’t provide a standoff to screw it into. 🙄 I’m thinking there is a good chance if you’re reading this – you may be in the same position.

Sourcing Parts

I called Dell and got through to someone instantly – before I’d finished explaining the situation the advisor on the phone knew exactly what had happened and offered to send me out the parts required to fit an additional drive without charge. I’m in the UK and the parts arrived next day with UPS. I think it’s bizzare they’ve designed the laptop this way which is ultimately costing them more money but at least they are handling it in the right way.

For reference, if you are ordering the parts yourself the part numbers for fitting a 2280 drive are below.

  • MHKK8 – SSD Bracket
  • 26X1Y – Heat Shield for 2280 SSD
  • X197K – Screw (Two required)


Something really bizzare is when the delivery driver came to the door and told me “I have four parcels for you” and this is what I received;

Photo of packaging

Below you’ll see the contents of those packages, the two white padded envelopes contained a tiny screw one in each envelope with the SSD bracket and heatshield in their own boxes. I think Dell have some work to do on their logistics – those parts would have all fitted in a single package. Environmentalists will not be happy. 😬

Photo of items