I’m writing this quick post following a request from users on Facebook and Reddit. I’m not the first to conduct this modification and take no credit, but hope publishing this information will be of use to others.

If you have a Volkwagen Golf MK6 with the dual zone digital climate control as seen below in my “Before” photo, it is possible to swap this out for the Passat B7 unit which features digital screens. I opted for this modification as I prefer the look. This adds no additional functionality to the climate control, it’s purely a cosmetic change.

Fit Passat Climate to MK6 Golf

The replacement unit is a direct fit and uses the existing three connections, it’s a direct plug and play. You will however also need to change the bezel surrounding the climate control unit as the cutouts for the buttons are different.

Part Numbers

  • Climate Control Unit: 3AA907044B (Without Heated Seats)
  • Climate Control Unit: 3AA907044BQ (Heated Seats)
  • Bezel: 5K0858069Q1QB


I did not take any photos during fitting as I was replacing my radio at the same time but the procedure is very straight forward. You’ll need the following;

Torx T20 Screwdriver Plastic Pry Tool Microfibre Cloth (Not required, but to protect dashboard!)

  1. Pry off the fascia around the radio, start from the gap beneath the radio above the climate control unit.
  2. Pry off the fascia around the digital climate control unit.
  3. Remove the existing climate control unit by removing the four screws.
  4. Disconnect three connections from the back of the unit.

Fitting the new unit is the reverse of the above. Using the new parts. The three connections going into the back of the climate control unit only fit into their respective sockets and cannot be mixed up.


The photo below shows how it looks when fitted. I also fitted the VW RCD330 Noname Rear USB at the same time and would recommend!

Fit Passat Climate to MK6 Golf